provide all technical services through our staff and our own IT and Customer Service System,
we have also completed new Network agreements with First Level International Carriers to ensure only the highest quality for your voice, fax and data telecommunications.  




DSI TELECOM 005 & 1551 will give you the greatest convenience.

It’s cheap enough not to worry about the length of calls.

24 hours flat rate enjoy making IDD call anytime.

DSI TELECOM normal rate is as follows.

( to other countries, please refer the “International Call Rate” tariff )

RATE TABLE DSI Singtel Singtel DSI
(S$/Min) 005 001 013 1551
Japan 0.58 0.90 0.59 0.38
HongKong 0.40 0.70 0.59 0.29
Taiwan 0.93 1.40 0.79 0.45
South Korea 0.63 1.25 0.34 0.45
Philippines 0.65 0.95 0.79 0.42
Malaysia 0.26 *0.39 *0.39 0.26
Thailand 0.76 1.15 0.79 0.49
Indonesia 0.70 1.20 0.95 0.59
China 0.80 1.39 0.89 0.38
USA 0.30 0.39 0.34 0.27
Germany 0.52 1.00 0.79 0.40
From Nov2002

Fixed line, Fax, Mobile phone are all available.
It takes approximately 4 days to register your numbers.

DSI TELECOM never express feigned rate !

FREE of Registration Charge
IDD calls charges only, No other charges
Top Quality Service
Top Voice and Data Quality Guarantee
24 hr Flat Rate
Clear Flat Rate

How to Dial
005 or 1551 + Country Code
+ Area Code + Numbers
(Simply dial 1551 firstly instead of 001 )
How to Pay
DSI TELECOM will send each customer an itemized account each month. Corporate clients may pay by either cheque or GIRO from bank. Private customers will be required to pay by GIRO from their bank. You will receive an application form for GIRO by DSI TELECOM.
How to Apply
Simply send the application form by FAX or Mail

This is service can be used only from registered telephone number.Please provide us with all telephone numbers you wish to register.
If you need more columns for registering telephone numbers,please attach a separate list with an application from.

There are no minimum charges.
If you donユt use our services, you pay nothing.


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